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  1. Earthquake Alert –  To Subscribe Click here
  2. State Earthquake Contacts – Click here for all States
    For California – Ryan Arba – 916.845.8911 – ryan.arba@caloes.ca.gov

When an urgent situation arises, you may need to contact someone regarding an urgent situation at your residence or business. In your time of need, use this list to contact Utilities and City Services.

Call 911 when there is a life or death situation that requires immediate response of emergency services such as the Police, Fire or the Paramedics.
For Non-Emergency City-Hall Services, please call 311.

First Responders
Emergency 911
Non-Emergency Police 1-877- 275-5273
Non-Emergency Fire Paramedics 1-800-688-8000
Non-Emergency Terrorist Threats 1-877-284-7328

Utility Companies
DWP (Department of Water & Power) 1-800-342-5397
Southern CA Gas Company 1-800-427-2200

City Services
American Red Cross of Greater Los Angeles 1-213-739-5200
Building Inspection 1-888-524-2845
Cal Trans (Road Closures) 1-800-427-7623
City Services Within the City 311
Departmemt of Aging 1-800-510-2020
Department of Disability 1-213-485-6334
Los Angeles Animal Services 1-888-452-7381
Los Angeles Emergency Management Department 1-213-978-2222
Park-Related Emergencies 1-323-913-7390
Refuse Collection 1-800-773-2489
Sewer / Storm Drain Problems 1-800-773-2489
Storm Damage / Mud Slide Reports 1-888-524-2845
Street Lights 1-800-996-2489
Traffic Signals 1-213-580-1177
Trees Down / Debris Removal and Related Problems 1-800-996-2489

DWP (Department of Water & Power) 1-800-432-7397
Department of Disability TTY 1-213-485-6655
Southern CA Gas Company 1-800-252-0259
TTY Service 1- 213-847-0652

American Red Cross 1-800-220-4095
DWP (Department of Water & Power) 1-800-342-5397
Department of Aging – Multilingual 1-213-473-1602

Southern CA Gas Company 1-800-427-0471

Southern CA Gas Company 1-800-427-0478